Our Top Sellers

Saffron * plum & coconut custard, chai cream &  pistachios

Pistachio Green Cardamom * orange & cardamom custard filling, chai buttercream

Fig & Rum ($20 more on each size) * figs macerated in oranges and rum, rum & honey  soak, salty toffee buttercream

Spicy Chocolate * Valhrona cocoa, hazelnut cinnamon ganache or milk chocolate ganache

Chocolate Cake * Valhrona German chocolate sponge, coffee soak, green cardamom chocolate ganache, dark chocolate glaze

German Chocolate * orange vanilla buttercream or a salty toffee buttercream with candied almonds

Lemon Cake * fresh picked raspberry curds, ginger mascerated raspberries,  vanilla cream (other fruit curds available at request)

Vanilla Orange Cake * orange green cardamom custard, vanilla cream

Ginger Apple & Lemon Cake * delicious organic honey-crisp apples, fresh ginger lemon cream, apple cider

Spiced Carrot Cake * orange zest, home-made spice powder, cream cheese frosting, toasted walnuts


Our lightest delights (not for wedding or decorative cakes)

Pineapple * Fresh black pepper sauteed pineapple, pineapple sponge, fresh mascarpone & vanilla whipped cream

Black Forest * Chocolate sponge, macerated cherry, cherry gelee, fresh cream, chocolate sauce

Mango Cheesecake * Alfonso mangoes, ginger vanilla crust, white chocolate


Egg-less Creations

Pistachio Cardamom Cake * chai or caramel cream, candied almonds

Chilli Chocolate Cake * Valhrona cocoa, dark chocolate or chocolate hazelnut ganache 

Tiramisu * Vanilla sponge, espresso soak, mascarpone cream, coffee custard, Belgian chocolate shavings

Vanilla Orange Zest Cake * orange soak, vanilla custard, sliced mandarin


Cake Sizes Available:  Events and Birthdays                                              

6” Round serves 6-8                                              $25- $40
8” Round serves 8-12                                           $35- $50
10” Round serves 12-20                                      $45- $60
12” Round serves 20-35                                      $60- $75
14” Round serves 35-45                                      $75- $90
¼ Sheet (8.5”x13”) serves 12-24                       $45- $60
½ Sheet (19”x13”) serves 24-40                        $55- $75

Fondant covered cakes with decoration & custom design are a minimum of $ 75 more for each cake, relative to the work on each cake.  Delivery is not included in this price.  Please call to discuss the price and decoration options.

Wedding cakes are normally higher based on the complexity of decoration involved.

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