Truffles & Mithai

Bittersweet NYC offers a specialty product line of Truffles made traditionally with chocolate ganache.  Our truffles are also created in a distinctively Indian sweet or Mithai style using khoya (milk base), enhanced with premium chocolate, Indian spices and fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Ideal for gifts, wedding and party favors, corporate gifts, guest amenities and dessert displays.

Our Favorites

(Minimum order of 12 Truffles required for Online Shipping)

Ginger * ginger, milk chocolate, candied ginger, semi-sweet chocolate ganache

Pecan * cognac, dark chocolate, roasted pecans, semi-sweet chocolate ganache

Pistachio * green cardamom, dark chocolate, crushed pistachio, semi-sweet chocolate ganache

Raspberry * raspberry puree, semi-sweet chocolate, white chocolate ganache, dark chocolate flakes

Available as Truffles or Mithai “Indian style petit fours”

Coconut Bliss * coconut, orange zest, dark chocolate

Chocolate Chili Heat * red chilies, dark chocolate, cocoa, milk chocolate

Almond / Pistachio Crunch Halwa * almonds/pistachios, lentils, fennel, dark chocolate

Carrot Sensation * sweet carrots, roasted cashews, cashews, green cardamom, dark chocolate

24 truffles = $70   *   12 truffles = $36   *   8 truffles = $24  *  4 Truffles = $12

Gift Boxes Available

Shipping charges are extra.  Please order online or email us if you would like a custom order.


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