The heart of Bittersweet’s culinary creation lies in the use of pure ingredients, seasonal produce, and our skilled preparation, based on professional experience and a love of what we do.

Using an extensive knowledge of spices, savory ingredients, fruits, and chocolate we create sumptuous and balanced profiles on the plate.

A full-service catering company dedicated to perfection, quality and customer satisfaction, overseen by co-founders Natalie Pinto and Surbhi Sahni

Masterfully combining textures, tastes and colors, influenced by cultural diversity and a sense of imagination

Thoughtfully created from pure, seasonal ingredients by Chef Surbhi Sahni who has extensive savory-and-sweet experience cooking at some of New York’s finest restaurants

Deliciously exquisite catering menus for celebrating – from cocktail parties and fashionable soirees to lavish galas and weddings


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